(A Government of India Undertaking)

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Company Profile
A brief Background Note

Company Incorporation Date

Factory & Regd. Office
Mohan Distt. Almora (Uttaranchal)
(VIA-Ramnagar-244715) (At present, there is no other Unit/Branch)

Nature of Business
Manufacture & Sale of Ayurvedic and Unani Medicines

Total Strength of Employees
128 Regular

Authorised and paid up share Capital (Equity)
(51% owned by Govt. of India (Deptt. Of Ayush) and 49% by Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam Ltd. Nainital (A State P.S.U))
Rs. 200 lacs*

(*vide order dtd 31-3-05 sanction of President of India accorder for increase of Authorised Capital to Rs. 7 Crore and also sanction received for increase of Paid up capital further by
Rs. 51 lakhs by Govt. of India. Necessary formalities in this behalf are being made.)

Sales being made mainly to CGHS and other related Govt. Deptt. besides in open market. Total products around 283 items (Ayurvedic 185 and Unani 98).

Total raw material items are around 500 items.

No. of Directors on the Board of Directors
Present strength Chairman (Part-time) (1), Managing Director (1) and Directors (Part-time) i.e. (8)

Memorandum of understanding (MOU)
The Company signed Memorandum of Understanding with the administrative Ministry viz. Department of Ayush, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India (As per DPE’s guidelines) for 2004-05.

Mini Ratna Status
The Company as ‘Mini Ratna’.

Financial Performance
Since 1986-87 maintained Profit Earning trend Net worth of the Company is in positive. Sales during 2004-05 were Rs. 621 lakhs.

Location/Area/Power Load
The Company is situated in a valley (ASL 550 meter) surrounding a thick forest area of Uttaranchal Hills. Company is having leased land of 38 acres area and 16 big factory sheds etc.


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